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Aid and Other Dirty Business

Aid and Other Dirty Business

  • Format: Paperback
  • Quantity (in stock): 3
₦4,250.00 Ex Tax: ₦4,250.00


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Do you know why Africa is so poor? What really happens to your aid money? Why globalisation is failing the world's poorest continent - yet ends up costing us as well? Giles Bolton travelled to Africa convinced that he could solve problems, save villages and sing songs with locals under a shimmering sunset: another white man sure that aid was the most ethical response to poverty. The realty proved rather less romantic, and far more shocking ..... in order to be effective aid must be prepared to get dirty.

A vivid account of the everyday problems facing African countries, Aid and other dirty business is a radical and brilliantly readable approach to the apparently unending problem of poverty in Africa. Read it - and help some of the world's poorest people gain more control of their lives.

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