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Barefoot Runner

₦3,950.00 Ex Tax: ₦3,950.00

Abebe Bikila was the first African to win an Olympic gold medal, running barefoot in Rome in 1960 and again - wearing shoes this time - in Tokyo four years later. His story has never been told. Born in an Ethiopian village, Bikila joined the Imperial Guard of Emperor Haile Selassie, where his running career began. Following his spectacular victory at the 1960 Olympics , however, Bikila's life took..

Fear and Loathing in La Liga

₦3,950.00 Ex Tax: ₦3,950.00

It's Messi vs Ronaldo. It's Catalonia vs Castilla. It's the nation against the state, freedom fighters vs Franco's fascists. It's the best two teams on the planet going face to face and toe to toe. It's more than a game. It's a war. It's Barcelona vs Real Madrid.  Only its not that simple, from the wounds left by the civil war to the teams recent global domination, historian and expert on Spa..

Football Bloody Hell

₦5,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦5,500.00

Sir Alex Ferguson is the most controversial and compelling figure in football today. For many he ranks as the greatest manager of all time. He is certainly the most successful. His reign at Manchester United has seen him win every major footballing honour. And then win them again. It's been over ten years since that unforgettable night in Barcelona when Ferguson's embattled players triumphed over ..

Managing My Life

₦5,950.00 Ex Tax: ₦5,950.00

Alex Ferguson is already a legend in football while still at the height of his powers. Under his management, Manchester United has piled up success upon success, culminating in the unique treble of 1999 that brought them the Premiership title, the FA Cup and the European Cup in 11 incredible days. Memories of 1999 were further enriched when Ferguson was awarded a knighthood for his achievements an..

Messi: A Biography

₦3,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦3,500.00

Admired around the globe for his atheliticism, skill and fierce competitiveness, Leo Messi has already shattered scoring records at FC Barcelona and won numerous club trophies and international awards, including - for an unprecedented three years in a row - the title of the world's best player. Relying on original interviews with Messi, his friends and family, his team mates and even his favourite..


₦4,250.00 Ex Tax: ₦4,250.00

In the spring of 2010, Jose Mourinho was unveiled as the new manager of Real Madrid, having just completed a glorious treble with Inter Milan. Despite getting off to a winning start over arch rivals Barcelona in the Copa del Rey, he found himself and his team being overshadowed by the Catalans for much of his tenure. Until , that is, he led Real to a triumphant La Liga title in 2012., thereby join..

My Life: Queen of the Court

₦3,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦3,500.00

One of the biggest stars in tennis, Serena Williams has captured every major title. Her 2009 Wimbledon title marked her eleventh career championship and is only the latest exclamation point in a life well and purposefully lived. From growing up in the tough, hardscrabble neigbourhood of of Compton, California, to being trained by her father on public tennis courts littered with broken glass and dr..


₦0.00 Ex Tax: ₦0.00

"Engaging, thrilling..................................... a superbly written book"  Mike Athertons, The Times  "Stunningly good"  Lynne  Trusts,   Sunday  Times.    ..

Serve to Win

₦3,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦3,500.00

In 2011, Novak Djokovic won a breathtaking ten titles, three Grand Slams and forty three consecutive matches. Remarkably, less than two years earlier, this champion could barely complete a tournament. How did a player once plagued by aches, breathing difficulties and injuries on the court suddenly become the number one ranked tennis player in the world?  The answer is astonishing: he changed ..

The History of Football in Nigeria

₦5,000.00 Ex Tax: ₦5,000.00

As a businessman, I have always appreciated Nigeria in its entirety and viewed our diversity as an asset. Sadly, this unified view of Nigeria in all its richness is not taught widely enough or observed in other sectors of society. I am therefore very pleased to see that in this deeply researched book on the history of football in colonial Nigeria, Dr Boer has worked painstakingly to tell a positiv..

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