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Cooking/Food  Books

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55  Classic  Recipes  From  Around  The  World

₦2,350.00 Ex Tax: ₦2,350.00

Authentic and traditional bread recipes from around the World, from Northern Europe and the Mediterranean to India and North and South America . Detailed step-by-step  instructions explaining every stage of the bread-making process from mixing and kneading to glazing and baking, and advice is given on equipment and using automatic bread-making machine...

Baking    Cookies    And    Biscuits

₦4,950.00 Ex Tax: ₦4,950.00

Everything you ever needed to know about making and baking cookies with easy-to-follow instruction for all the essential techniques. More than 200 fantastic recipes for every occasion, from sweet and sticky treats and wonderfully fun ideas for kids, to wholesome healthy crackers. Every recipe has a nutritional breakdown so you can plan for special diets...

Cafe Food - Australian Women's Weekly

₦995.00 Ex Tax: ₦995.00

In this collection of classic cafe food, you'll find salads, burgers, pasta, and sweet treats such as biscotti and friands to help you create all your favourites at home - without the cost of eating out. ..

Cake Making and Cake Decorating

₦4,250.00 Ex Tax: ₦4,250.00

The complete practical guide to decorating with sugarpaste, icing and frosting, with 200 beautiful cakes for every kind of occassion. ..

Cooking with Herbs and Spices

₦1,950.00 Ex Tax: ₦1,950.00

There is no simpler way of adding tase, flavour and depth to your cooking than adding some herbs and spices. You really can recreate those wonderfully aunthentic tastes if you stock up your pantry with some dried spices or get growing some fresh herbs outside your door or window sill. Herbs can so easily be freeze dried to keep and use later - get cooking with our traditional rosemary, thyme or mi..

Cupcakes and Fairycakes

₦2,300.00 Ex Tax: ₦2,300.00

These splendid and original little cakes are wonderful for afternoon tea, but they deserve a much bigger role than that. Serve them as a special dessert at a chic dinner party, ( a different cake for each guest), or make a loved one - adult or child - a cupcake as a birthday cake. While the cupcakes in this book look like little work of art, the instructions on making them are clear and daunting. ..

Dinner Beef

₦1,650.00 Ex Tax: ₦1,650.00

Bursting with brilliant ideas for the main meal of the day, Dinner Beef will tempt you with classic recipes and modern meals alike. This book is divided into weeknights and weekend sections - weeknights feature quick, easy dishes while the food in weekends take a little longer to prepare, but is perfect for entertaining. ..

Fast Chicken

₦3,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦3,500.00

Chicken is a natural convenience food in that it's available everywhere and it cooks quickly. However, unlike other convenience foods, chicken is nutritious, versatile and delicious. Here you will find grills, and stir-fries, barbecues and salads, curries and fast recipes for tarting up a takeaway. ..

Grill: Grill Pan and Barbecue

₦3,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦3,500.00


Outdoor Eating

₦0.00 Ex Tax: ₦0.00


Serve to Win

₦3,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦3,500.00

In 2011, Novak Djokovic won a breathtaking ten titles, three Grand Slams and forty three consecutive matches. Remarkably, less than two years earlier, this champion could barely complete a tournament. How did a player once plagued by aches, breathing difficulties and injuries on the court suddenly become the number one ranked tennis player in the world?  The answer is astonishing: he changed ..

West African Dishes

₦0.00 Ex Tax: ₦0.00


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