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Politics Books

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A bed for the night

₦3,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦3,500.00

Timely and controversial, A Bed for the Night reveals how humanitarian organizations are often betrayed and misused, and have increasingly lost sight of their purpose. Drawing on firsthand reporting from war zones around the world, David Rieff shows us what aid workers do in the field and the growing gap between their noble ambitions and their actual capabilities for alleviating suf..

A Fatherless People

₦14,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦14,500.00

Nigeria is a country of which much is heard and about little is understood. The product of an ambitious amalgamation, in 1914, of three hundred & seventy one ethnic groups in the area of River Niger, with as many languages to form the most populous state in British-Africa (estimated at 170 million people). The book seeks to make sense of the events in this country of many paradoxes: a land of ..

A Journey

₦6,950.00 Ex Tax: ₦6,950.00

A JOURNEY is Tony Blair's first-hand account of his years in office and beyond. Here he describes for the first time his role in shaping our recent history, from the aftermath of Princess Diana's death to the war on terror.A JOURNEY is a book about the nature and uses of political power. In frank, unflinching, often wry detail, Tony Blair charts the ups and downs of his career to provide insight i..

A Promised Land

₦14,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦14,500.00

In the stirring, highly anticipated first volume of his presidential memoirs, Barack Obama tells the story of his improbable odyssey from young man searching for his identity to leader of the free world, describing in strikingly personal detail both his political education and the landmark moments of the first term of his historic presidency a time of dramatic transformation and turmoil.Obama take..

Against the Run of Play

₦5,000.00 Ex Tax: ₦5,000.00

Olusegun Adeniyi's Against the Run of Play at once captured the bleak essence of Nigerian politics - or Politiricks - as he put it elsewhere - and paints a vivid picture of the challenges of governance and how these have combined to arrest the country's growth and development - a quintessential treasure trove for those seeking to make sense of our tortuous journey of national "self-discovery". ..

Amazing Grace

₦7,000.00 Ex Tax: ₦7,000.00

The Autobiography of Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala..

Are you not a Nigerian

₦5,000.00 Ex Tax: ₦5,000.00

This collection of essays chronicles a country's fourth attempt at democratic governance after many years of military dictatorship. Through his personal experiences and observations, Bayo Olupohunda captures the reality of Nigeria's socio-political environment at the turn of the milllenium, the collapse of dignity in service and the ubiquitous "Nigerian factor" that creates entitlement. Are you no..

Audacity on the Bound: A Diplomatic Odyssey

₦7,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦7,500.00

This book is fluid and engaging and gives the reader a ringside seat to the inner sanctum of government. It is an account of an illustrious, international diplomatic career spanning over twenty five years. It is told with candour and insightfulness and written with ease and elegance. The reader is bound to enjoy it and some may even find it attractive enough to call it thrilling because it reads l..

Awo On The Nigerian Civil War

₦4,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦4,500.00

"This book lays bare the thinking and utterances of Chief Obafemi Awolowo about the Biafran war, including the period immediately before. It provides a further conceptual insight into the orderly consistency of his unruffled mind in times of communal disorder or full scale war as in those of established peace". M.C.K Ajuluchukwu ..

Beating all odds: Diaries and Essays on how Bola Tinubu became President

₦8,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦8,500.00

Sam Omatseye, a seasoned journalist, writer, novelist and poet, has offered in this book of diaries and essays a new way of writing about elections in Nigeria. During the maelstrom of the 2022/2023 election campaign season, he took it upon himself to do a  week dairy in which he unspooled, for his own personalrecords, the tempo, intrigues, manoeuvres and coalitions as they unearthed, took new..

Because I Am Involved

₦2,000.00 Ex Tax: ₦2,000.00

Perhaps, he has generated more controversy than any other Nigerian and has become somewhat of an enigma. He has been often mis-quoted and most often mis-interpreted. Yet, he holds on strongly to his vision of Nigeria and belief in a peaceful and united country: a vision which both his critics and admires hold in great awe. In this book, Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu writes, more endearingly, about his dre..


₦8,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦8,500.00

In her memoir, a work of deep reflection and mesmerizing storytelling, Michelle Obama invites readers into her world, chronicling the experiences that have shaped her - from her childhood on the South Side of Chicago to her years as an executive balancing the demands of motherhood and work, to her time spent at the world’s most famous address. With unerring honesty and lively wit, she de..

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