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How can I order & have books delivered to me if I am not in Ibadan or Abuja?

At the moment, orders made through this website can only be delivered to customers in Ibadan or Abuja. If you will like to order and have books delivered to you anywhere else in Nigeria, please visit our konga store ( to make your order.

I cannot find the book I am searching for on this website or your Konga Store

Please call us on 08033229113 with the specific title(s) you are searching for. It may be in stock in our bookshops and may not have been uploaded online. The books on this website & our konga store do not represent our total stock. We are gradually increasing our stock of books for sale.

Can we purchase in wholesale quantities?

Yes, you can. Please call us on 08033229113 or send an email to with the specific details of the order you want to make and the quantity of books involved.

Why is the price of some books here different from the price on konga?

The prices of certain books on konga have been adjusted to reflect associated cost for selling on the konga platform and delivery through the platform.

Do you sell second hand books

No, we do not. All our books are brand new and in good condition.