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Finance Books

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A-Z Of Personal Finance

₦5,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦5,500.00

Whether you are just starting out and in your first job, or you are approaching retirement, or somewhere in between, you need to pay close attention to your personal finances. In A-2 of Personal Finance the author, with a professional career spanning over two decades in banking and private wealth management, provides you with important practical information and useful tips on matters concerning yo..

Beyond The Crash

₦8,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦8,500.00

Beyond the Crash puts forth not just an explanation for what happened, but a directive for how to prevent future financial disasters. Brown synthesizes the many historical precedents leading to the current status and describes the individual events that he believes led to the crisis unfolding as it did. His analysis is of paramount importance during these uncertain financial times. ..

Borrowing Made Easy

₦2,750.00 Ex Tax: ₦2,750.00


Digital: The New Code of Wealth

₦6,000.00 Ex Tax: ₦6,000.00

In the year 2018, African startups surpassed $700 million in annual investments, from 450÷ deals. AR across the continent, people are deploying the power of digital platforms to make change happen. The last decade has seen a rise in new businesses, including online betting, new media powerhouses and the continued rise of Africa's cultural superstars. Omojuwa captures all of these and more as he ma..

Money While You Play

₦2,700.00 Ex Tax: ₦2,700.00

Land is the all-time single most important platform for generational wealth creation and transfer. Real estate is one of the numerous businesses crafted from land. Unfortunately, what most real estate investors know is to buy and develop residential apartments anted then wait for 25 years to get their capital out If price changes at the rate of 30% each year then it means that they will lose or mi..

The Rules of Management

₦4,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦4,500.00

A definitive code for managerial success Some people find management so easy. They glide effortlessly onwards and upwards through the system, the politics, the people problems, the impossible targets and the work overload. They always seem to say the right thing, do the right thing and know instinctively how to handle every situation. Is there something they know that the rest of us don'..

The Rules Of Wealth

₦3,800.00 Ex Tax: ₦3,800.00

Some people seem to find money so easy. Easy to make, easy to hold on to and easy to grow. The rest of us just find it easy to spend. So, is it all luck or is there something that rich people know or do that we don't? Is it something we could all learn? The answer is a resounding yes. They know The Rules of Wealth. The Rules of Wealth are the guiding principles that will help you generat..

The Rules Of Work

₦3,800.00 Ex Tax: ₦3,800.00

For some people, work is a breeze. They glide effortlessly onwards and upwards, always saying and doing the right thing, getting raises, getting promotions, getting results. Is there something they know that we don't? You bet there is. They know The Rules of Work. These rules are the guiding principles that will improve both what you do and how you do it, giving you the unmistakeable air..

The Smart Money Tribe

₦4,000.00 Ex Tax: ₦4,000.00

 Money, love, friendship, investment portfolios The Smart Money Tribe is back! Zuri, Tami, Lara, Adesuwa, and Ladun are faced with new challenges in this phase of their lives. From the hustle and bustle of Lagos, to cosmopolitan London, and the glamour of Cape Town, through their individual stories we see how effective the collaborative power of women can be in building wealth. ..

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