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Development  Books

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A bed for the night

₦3,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦3,500.00

Timely and controversial, A Bed for the Night reveals how humanitarian organizations are often betrayed and misused, and have increasingly lost sight of their purpose. Drawing on firsthand reporting from war zones around the world, David Rieff shows us what aid workers do in the field and the growing gap between their noble ambitions and their actual capabilities for alleviating suf..

A Swamp Full of Dollars

₦3,000.00 Ex Tax: ₦3,000.00

A swamp full of dollars - Pipelines and Paramilitaries in Nigeria's Oil Frontier.   A compelling and well written account. In this long awaited book, Peel has told the history of Nigeria and oil in a way that makes this important subject accessible to all. In doing so, he has done a service to everyone who is interested in development and in Africa. ..

Africa's Future: Darkness To Destiny

₦6,950.00 Ex Tax: ₦6,950.00


African Countries In The New Trade Negotiations

₦5,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦5,500.00

This three-volume set presents results of a research project initiated by the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC). Titled Africa and the World Trading System, the project intended to identify and examine the critical analytical and policy issues involved in Africa's economic links with the rest of the world, particularly in the context of the emerging global trading system. Conducted by so..

African Development And Governance Strategies

₦4,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦4,500.00

This rich collection of essays examines a wide range of economic issues such as the importance of planning, the continuing reality of the debt crisis, and the new parameters for regional integration in the context of the global economy. Good governance is analyzed, as is corporate governance. There is a special emphasis on issues of human development, including poverty, HIV/AIDS, and the refugee p..

Agricultural Growth For The Poor

₦2,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦2,500.00


Aid and Other Dirty Business

₦4,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦4,500.00

Do you know why Africa is so poor? What really happens to your aid money? Why globalisation is failing the world's poorest continent - yet ends up costing us as well? Giles Bolton travelled to Africa convinced that he could solve problems, save villages and sing songs with locals under a shimmering sunset: another white man sure that aid was the most ethical response to poverty. The realty proved ..

Beyond The Crash

₦8,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦8,500.00

Beyond the Crash puts forth not just an explanation for what happened, but a directive for how to prevent future financial disasters. Brown synthesizes the many historical precedents leading to the current status and describes the individual events that he believes led to the crisis unfolding as it did. His analysis is of paramount importance during these uncertain financial times. ..

Big Business Poor Peoples

₦2,500.00 Ex Tax: ₦2,500.00

What is the effect of transnational corporations (TNCs) on the world's poor? In his exploration of this little-imiestigated aspect of their activities, John Madeley's charge is that TNC power is causing hardship for millions of the poor in developing countries. Madeley examines the impact of TNC activities in the main economic sectors where they invest and sell their products: agriculture, fo..

Britain in Africa

₦5,950.00 Ex Tax: ₦5,950.00

Why has Africa become such an important priority for Britain's foreign policy under New Labour? What interests and values is the UK seeking to uphold by intervening ? Why has aid to Africa more than tripled over the past decade? How has the UK's involvement in the "war on terror" affected its efforts there? In Britain in Africa Tom Porteous seeks to answer these and other questions about Britain's..

Build Innovate and Grow

₦3,000.00 Ex Tax: ₦3,000.00

How can Nigeria overcome its leadership capital deficit? How can women get equality in the areas of access to education, access to finance, marital protection rights, violence, and the poor ratios of representation in political and corporate leadership in Nigeria? Will the youths finally rise up and take their place at the driving wheel on our national journey into the future? How can we successfu..

Catching Fire : How Cooking Made us Human

₦2,950.00 Ex Tax: ₦2,950.00

Ever since Darwin and The Descent of Man. the existence of humans has been attributed to our intelligence and adaptability But Catching Fire presents a groundbreaking new theory: that cooking is the reason for our evolutionary success. Once our ancestors began cooking their food, the brain began to grow, and time once spent chewing tough raw food could be used instead to hunt and to tend camp..

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